Samaria gorge

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday morning woke up at 5am
- had a cup of tea at the hotel bar downstairs
which opened already at 4.30am
Pick-up time for Samaria gorge excursion at 6am
- 90% of the people in the excursion bus were from East Europe,
rest 10% were from France, Germany, UK & USA
- had one planned stop on the way
& another one which wasn't planned...
The bus broke down app. 10km before the destination...


Had to wait for an hour for another bus to come.
Meanwhile enjoyed the beautiful nature
and watched local men working
or planning...

Finally at the entrance of Samaria Gorge!

The first 500m are the most difficult ones
- it takes app. 1,5-2h to walk down to the gorge

- made the trek first time in 2004


The Samaria Gorge, which cuts its way through

the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) from

the Omalos Plateau to the Libyan Sea,

is one of themost striking areas of natural beauty in Greece.

Peaks soar on both sides of the gorge,

flanked by pine woods and wildflower meadows.

Beginning 1.250m above sea level,

it emerges on the coast close to the little village of Agia Roumeli

after passing through the narrow Sideresportes or "Iron Gates"

Good walking/trekking shoes are essentials!

- definately no open-toe sandals!

- 1,5l water is enough and something to eat

- there are resting areas and toilets (with holes on the floor!)
The way is really difficult to walk
because of the slippery rocks, stones & pebbles,
have to watch every step carefully.
To enjoy the scenery one must stop,
and not looking around while walking!
. "Ambulance" for emergency
- and only for real emergencies,

won't get a donkey ride just for feeling tired!


- it's said to be pure enough for drinking,

didn't try though

- to keep the water clean,

putting feet into the water is not allowed,

saw some people doing it,

saw some people smoking on the way too

and that's strickly forbidden

Land of Thirst...
by Captain Haddock
Looks like Indians are just around the corner...

Made the walk in 4,5h
- took it more like a sport event
than enjoying of the tranquility and scenary
Had lunch at Kri Kri taverna in Agia Roumeli

No surprises on the daily menu

The ferry from Agia Roumeli to Chora Sfakion,
where the busses were waiting for
. Agia Roumeli
Village of Loutro
on the way to Chora Sfakion
Back at the hotel at around 10pm
- had a bath and ordered a fruit plate from the room service

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  1. High rising rocks of Samaria George, Greece fall from thousands of feet to few, spread over 10 miles to reach Libyan sea happens to be thrilling, raw & wild journey in land of old civilization. From famous untamed natural goats; kri -kri to 450 rare flora & fauna to exciting wild life, Crete has is all & attracts all. Mid-way to adventurous trek, there is a beautiful 14th century old chapel of Osia Maria. It’s a worthy visit, which is origin of name Samaria. To know more, refer:


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