Thursday, July 23, 2009

On the way to find a dinner place
saw a new restaurant in the of Market Square of Helsinki.
The place looked nice,
sent an sms to a friend to ask if heard of it,
got an answer that had birthday dinner there in June
and liked it.
Steped in through this door to Salutorget:

As a starter had smoked reindeer
with pickled chantarelles
Had to wait for the portion for quite a long time,
even the main course was almost served before it
but the waiter was excellent and
solved the case by pouring a free glass of Cava
- the reindeer was very good!
For the main course had
grilled white fish with shrimp sauce and cream potatoes
- the fish was good, but otherwise the portion was
too complicated and heavy
- very good service
- beautiful interior
- will come back
but won't choose the same main course
Next day had a cup of mate at the cafe of Salutorget,
also 2 macaroons and Bebe
- mate was a nice surprise - it's not so common in Finland
- the cakes were very standard
- liked the interior a lot!
Scandinavian bistro
Pohjoisesplanadi 15
00170 Helsinki

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