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Monday, June 1, 2009

Nemzeti vagta 2009/
National Gallop 2009
Hosok ter
May 30. - June 01.
"The National Gallop is a celebration of Hungarian towns & villages.
It is a riding competition with a historic theme
and is based on Hungarian traditions,
making it a national cultural event of dual aims:
the centre of the events is the historical gallop race
in which Hungarian settlements can enter
and compete against each other.
Between the races Hungarian history of
war and horse riding
will be revived by
a spactacular show,
including processions and historical parades."
Traditional Hussar Games
A race track of sand was made around Hosok ter

Gallop Promenade
on Andrassy ut
with presentation of the competing
towns & villages
and their sponsors

Craftmen's Market
Making of "kenyerlangos"
Traditional singing among the audience
And this is...traditional Hungarian not-so-low-fat delicasy...
Making of Hungarian culinary delights
At least on Monday there were lot of people there.
On Saturday & Sunday the weather probably made people stay at home.
Of course, it is nice that this kind of and
other historical events are organized,
but somehow find it quite boring,
nothing special there,
they look always the same
with similar stands
and not so well done
- the competition itself was actually well done!
But the other things around it....
Maybe it's just because of being foreigner don't understand...
and also as not being a great fan of Hungarian culinary!

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