Hotel Cyrnos, Paris

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entrance to Hotel Cyrnos
on rue Montmartre,
Arrived to Paris on Thursday early afternoon,
plane was delayed for 1h.
Took a train from the airport
Charles de Gaulle to Les Halles
- funny thing was that with the ticket vending machines
you can pay in coins or by credit card.
For no particular reason the machine didn't accept my card
and as the fare costed EUR 8,40
didn't have enough coins.
There was an exchanging machine for note into coins,
but it didn't accept 50-euro-notes...
Finally did get a ticket for the train!
From Les Halles it was an easy walk to the Hotel Cyrnos.
Got a room upstairs,
room number 504,
which was like a closet with a small window
facing the wall of the opposite building.
Went downstairs to ask for a bigger room,
got room 100, which indeed was a bigger one,
actually a huge one with a whirlpool.
Very happy!
View from the room
View from the bedroom to the bathroom
Living room
Hotel Cyrnos
154 rue Montmartre
75002 Paris
- nice 3-star hotel
- excellent service at the reception

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