Midsummer Eve

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Had a quiet Midsummer Eve evening at home
with a bottle of Moet&Chandon
in the balcony
No, it's not vodka!
It's a bottle of water.
"Claude Monet tasted it and
changed the world of art forever"
Wattwiller natural mineral water from Vosges, Alsace
Wattwiller has one of the longest pedigrees of any water.
A water that is believed to have a soul,
it was discovered by the Romans during their reign over the area
now known as Alsace, France.
It was jealously controlled by the monks of the Abbey of Murbach
beginning in 735 AD.
The village was called Wasserweiler – the village of water.
Guarded by hundreds of thousand of hectares of protected forest land,
the water rises from beneath a ten meter screen of clay.
The Lithinee spring produces only still mineral water,
and the Jouvence spring produces a mineral water
in which is added natural carbonation.
Either version is a rare treat,
and since the acquisition by the Spadel Group,
the bottle presentations are stunning.

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