Brasserie Lipp

Monday, June 8, 2009

After a quick shower took a cab to Brasserie Lipp.
Had the reservation at 8pm,
when arrived the place was still quite empty,
but after some minutes it became packed
.Asparagus with vinaigrette
- asparagus a bit over-cooked
but the vinaigrette was one of the best ever!
Sole meunier with green beans
- nothing to complain!

Chocolate mousse
- this is how a chocolate mousse should be
rich taste & perfect texture
Could have chosen some cheese,
but didn't
-quite a heavy piece indeed
Wall tiles from 1900
Nothing short of a real Parisian institution,
the Brasserie Lipp has been an address not to missed in Saint Germain des Prés
for more than 120 years!
Since it was established in 1880 by Leonard Lipp,
the Brasserie has enjoyed a solid literary and political reputation.
All year round, it welcomes the great names that have marked French literature
(Gide, Malraux, Proust, St Exupéry, Camus, Sartre…)
At the Lipp Brasserie,
time seems to stand still.
It is listed as a historical monument for its famous varnished mahogany frontage,
its 1900 décor, the wall ceramics by Leon Fargues
and the ceilings painted by Charly Garrey.
Here, even the menu hasn’t changed for more than half a century!
Ernest Hemingway often sat here over herrings
and wrote about them in" A Moveable Feast".
More important than the actual food is where it is eaten.
The table to which a guest is shown says everything about his importance.
Worst of all is to be sent upstairs,
then it's better to leave!
Rating: 4,7/5
- perfect, professional service
- nice brasserie atmosphere
Brasserie Lipp
151, Boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris
metro: St-Germain-des-Prés
With a full stomach felt for a walk back to the hotel.
Took app. 35mins
Crossed the Seine via Pont des Arts

The bridge was full of people having a piknik
- young & old people with food & wine
The Pont des Arts was meant for a sunset a deux,
and is the most beautiful bridge in Paris.
It spans the Seine directly behind the Louvre
and is open only to pedestrians.
Dusk is an enchanted time here:
on the one side you look towards the Ile de la Cite,
on the other side the glass dome of the Grand Palais
shimmers in the remaining sunlight.

Still so light at 10pm!!!

Lots of evening cruises at Seine

Beautiful evening

Colour changing lights in a building near the hotel

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