Brasserie Bofinger

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to the hotel,
quick shower,
and decided to walk through Marais to Brasserie Bofinger,
had booked the table for 8pm

Goat cheese mousse with zucchini
- nice but quite heavy

Lobster & pink prawns
- couldn't have been better!
Excellent, excellent, excellent!
Rasberry macaroon with rasberry sorbet
& fresh rasberries on vanilla custard
and a hint of pistacchio sauce
- vauh!
Brasserie Bofinger
Bofinger is the oldest brasserie in Paris -
a legendary chacuterie and
the city's first freshly drawn beer were served here back in 1864.
Today the restaurant,
a haunt of international and French film stars,
is worth a visit for its wonderful original Art Nouveau interior
and its excellent seafood.
Unlike La Coupole, Bofinger is not a member of the Flo-Brasserie chain.
Rating: 4,9/5
5-7, rue de la Bastille
75004 Paris
metro: Bastille
Walked the busy streets of Paris back to the hotel

City bikes by night
- good system!
Some terminology:
Literally breweries,
were founded after the war 1870
by refugees from Alsece-Lorraine,
who served various types of beer but mostly wines
from Alcese by the carafe or bottle -
wines such as Riesling, Sylvaner and Gewurstraminer.
Undisputedly the most popular dish on the menu was and is Sauerkraut,
followed closely by seafood served on large serving platters,
normally shared by several people.
Otherwise menus list more traditional dishes, served throughout the day.
Many brasserie were opened before the turn of the century
and furnished and decorated in the then modern art nouveau style.
They have been popular with artist and politician for a long time,
and even today they are lively and stimulating places to meet,
which stay open until late into the night.
Some of them have preserved their original interior from
the Belle Epoque with large mirrors,
carved wooden paneling and attractive mosaics
which today are especially valued by lovers of this type of decor.

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