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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paris was absolutely fabulous city!
Would have needed more time to explore it,
but anyway, now have a little bit of idea how the city is.
Had a girls' weekend trip to Paris in 2005,
both knowing the city & speaking fluently French,
so didn't have to do anything just followed them
- got a good impression of Paris already then,
even though it was a damp & freezing winter time.
Before that visited Paris something like 20-25 years ago...
Remarked that in Paris boots are in,
like in NY it were the flip-flops.
Otherwise people seemed to dress rather casualy, in a vintage way.
In a restaurant - or brasserie -
it was easy to notice who were Italians,
even without hearing them speaking.
Everywhere service was excellent,
people spoke English.
Definately will go back,
hopefully soon...

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