Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mikis Theodorakis - Gabor Kevehazi: Zorba
at Thalia Szinhaz
on Wednesday May 13
- interesting show!
It was a modern ballet - "tancjatek"
by the Hungarian State Ballet
The story was based on "Zorba" as in the film,
but the implementation was quite poor.
Choreogaphy was anything but fresh,
in some cases it looked like straight from the Soviet era.
Can't really blame the dancers
but, as mentioned, the weak and unsurprising choreagraphy.
Got the feeling that the staff was already dreaming of summer holidays.
It was not that bad,
actually quite happy that went to see it.
Zorba - Roland Csonka
Bubulina - Dolores Castillo
Author - Sandor Turi
Widow - Krisztina Kevehazi
Butcher - Csaba Solti
Boy - Miklos David Kerenyi
Rating: 2/5

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