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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Forgot to tell about the art onboard
Queen Mary2
The Art Gallery on deck 3 featured original and lithographs
by great 20th century masters such as
Dali, Chagall, Erte & Picasso,
as well as renowned contemporary artists such as
Alexandra Nechita, Howard Behrens, Martiros and Bill Mack among others.
The knowledgeable Art Director Jay was available
to provide information about the artists
and the pieces during regular gallery hours
& during preview sessions prior to the art auctions.
4 art auctions during the voyage at Winter Garden ,deck 7:
Champagne Art Auction
- Champagne for all who attend
Auction Extravaganza
- Raffle
Evening Gallery Auction
- Wine & Cheese serving
The Under $1.500 Art Auction
Final Champagne Art Auction
- Champagne for all who attend
Hadn't heard of Erte before!
The Father of Art Deco.
Born in St Petersburg in 1892 as Roman de Tirtoff,
derived his name Erte from the French pronunciation of his initials "R.T."
Moved to Paris at age 19 to work in the center of art & fashion.
Went on to work for Harper's Bazaar for 22 years,
also designed for the opera & traditional theatre,
spent a brief period in Hollywood.
The Metropolitan Museum of Arts purchased
a collection of some 200 Erte gouaches.
"If Michelangelo were to come back from the dead
he could hardly have greater or more eulogious publicity t
han has been accorded to Erte"
by art critic John Russell
of London Sunday Times
Funny Mickey Mouse paintings

This Raphael Hermans's painting from 1974
was the favourite!
It was in the staircase of 12 deck
so it was kind of sign to know that finally near the stateroom 12081
after walking all the way up from Britannia Club
Also these kinds of painted history boards were like pieces of art

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