Peek & Cloppenburg

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bought a Calvin Klein black polo-shirt at Peek & Cloppenburg.
Non-existing service in that house!
It seems like the shop assistants are on commission,
but no-one comes to ask if you need any help.
In a way it's good,
because it can be quite annoying
when someone is following you constantly
like in some shops in Hungary.
There were 6 persons working at the cash desk,
only one was a cashier,
the others were putting the purchases in carrier bags.
No-one said short but important phrases like
"Good afternoon!"
"Thank you!"
Don't mean they should speak English,
but at least use their own mother language.
They just kept on talking to each other
totally ignoring the customers.
Felt a bit furious after that
went for a little walk along Andrássy út to Hősök tér.


Andrássy út
- getting greener

Hősök tér

View from the Museum of Fine Arts
(= Szépmüveszeti muzeum)

The rai-grass by kitchen window keeps growing

and so does the barley

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