Sunday, March 1, 2009

Went to Művész to see the Milk on Sunday afternoon.
It's the film where Sean Penn playing Harvey Milk won Oscar as the best actor.
The film is more like a document about gay activist Harvey Milk's life in 1970's.
It surprised that the life, even in San Francisco,
was still so utterly concervative in the late 70's.
After seeing Milk it was quite clear that Sean Penn won the Oscar.
There were some disturbing elements in Művész,
like the smelly man sitting almost next to me...
and the other one eating a tuna sandwich and cookies...
Teréz krt. 30.
Budapest, VI
By the way, had a delicious omelet after gym:

Omelet filled with paprika dices, black olives and grated cheese,
basil on top

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