Fudge cake

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Had a lunch party on Saturday
This fudge cake was a real success!
For a cake you would need:
6pc eggs
same amount of sugar
- beat them until rich foam
add carefully same amount of wheat flour
with 1 ts of baking powder
bake in the oven (200°C)
On the top
2 dl farine sugar
2 dl cream
boiled until thick
Vanilla custard
3 pc egg yolks
6dl cream
3 s sugar
mix it with low temperature until it's thick
don't boil it
Whipped cream
Made 2 of them
Before the cake had also a buffet of

Herings, cold-smoked salmon, rawpickled salmon, prawns,
mussels cooked in white wine,

....meatballs, Serrano ham with cantaloupe,
chicken ceasar salad, potato-rocket salad,
All with sparkling wine

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