Diana - A Celebration

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Went to see Diana - A Celebration exhibition on Tuesday afternoon
at Károlyi-Csekonics Residence
Múzeum utca 17.
1080 Bp
Entrance fee 2.900,-ft
Some 150 items are on loan from the Althorp Estate,
the ancestral home of the Spencer family,
childhood home films, wedding gown, tiara & 25-foot train, designer outfits...
Nicely made exhibition
The last room was about the memorial service in 1997
the musical score and lyrics written by Elton John for Princess Diana's memorial service,
the original text of the Earl Spencer's tribute to his sister
- just quickly passed the room,
couldn't have stayed there without couple of tears...
well, not just couple of.
Still remember the feeling in front of Kensington Palace with all those flowers,
giving condolences
Károlyi Csekonics Rezidencia
- pic taken from the courtyard
Hanging garden in the opposite building

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