Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spent couple of hours at Aquaworld on Monday
Nice experience!
Entrance fee 2.900,-ft for 2,5h during the weekdays
You get an electronic "watch" which gives you a locker number
and it is also a kind of "key" to open and close the locker.
There are cabins where you can get changed,
hair-dryers are available,
the locker room area is quite clean & spacious
The Sauna World was good - all kind of different saunas:
- aroma, bio, Finnish, Turkish, Russian!, salt, ice, infra...
The entrance fee doesn't include the use of saunas,
but with the electronic "watch" the time spent in the sauna world is counted
and you pay it by the exit when leaving the whole place.
Price: 20,-ft/min
Loads of different slides, 2 jacuzzis, proper swimming pool, jumping pool,
adventure pool, outside pool...
Surf Pool - vau!
- didn't try it...
- almost every evening possibility for surf lessons
Great idea!

This Family Slide was the only one that tried
- scary enough!
Some things to improve the place:
Felt that there should have been doors for the shower rooms
- now it was too open to the pools
if you wanted to have a shower without swimming suit
Other thing:
There was no place for washing hands in the toilet area
- you had to go back to the shower area for washing hands
Íves út 16.
1044 Bp

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