Wintery food

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some examples of this week's dinners at home:
On Monday
Spanish fish stew made of salmon, prawns & vegetables
The Teatro de la Zarzuela lies behind the Cortes,
The Spanish Parliament in Madrid.
The traditional entertainment here is a type of musical comedy,
which is a mixture of dialogue, songs, music, and dance
following each other in an intoxicating sequence.
The zarzuela goes back to the 17th century,
when traditional theatrical presentations were often
a dazzling mixture of music and dramatic scenes.
A good century later,
the poets Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca
elevated this gloriously colorful entertainment
into an art form and
wrote the first scripts for the zarzuela,
which was later replaced
by the operas brought in from Italy.
In the 19th century, however,
the zarzuela enjoyed a renaissance.
Satirical and amusing,
with its roots among the ordinary people,
this mixture of music and drama still lives on today.
With its colourful mixture of anything and everything,
the zarzuela is probably also the origin
of the name of Spain's popular fish stew.
On Tuesday
Chicken with wild rice and curry sauce
On Wednesday
Home-made peperoni pizza
On Thursday
Goat cheese salad
Foie de veau á la lyonnaise
& potato puré with spinach
On Friday
Crayfish cocktail
Ravioli filled with spinach in tomato sauce
& grated parmasan & basil on top
Actually the wintery meals started already last week with
Saturday's dinner with Hungarian flavours:

Sauteed mushrooms

Grilled foie gras with potato puré
& sauteed onion
(missing in the pic)


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