Vanishing Point / Katoamispiste

Sunday, February 22, 2009

At Trafo there was a posibility to see Finnish performance show on Friday night:
Katoamispiste / Vanishing Point
Ville Walo & Kalle Hakkarainen
The performance was an interesting mixture
of human movements and film on the background.
Found the simple looking, repeated tricks and movements fascinating
and the 3 big screens
- showing films from block of flats (of Ita-Pasila or former DDR?),
construction sites and sea bank -
impressive and gave a special effect to the show.
The lenght of the show was perfect, app. 1h.
If longer would have been already boring.
October 7th 2004 was the premiere of
Finnish juggler Ville Walo´s and magician Kalle Hakkarainen´s
new performance called Katoamispiste
(which translates to english as Vanishing Point).
Katoamispiste is northern new circus at its best.
It combines the lively image of video projections to
the visual movement of juggling and magic.
From the union of projected film material and live performers an entity is born
that is visually impressive and rich in atmosphere.
Katoamispiste brings to the stage hypnotic moments,
dance-like movement and surrealistic comedy.
Katoamispiste tells in the language of circus
of the wonders in the surrounding everyday world.
It expresses something essential about the nature of reality
through its unrealistic approach,
its magical tricks and its abstract movement.
Something that is unreachable for words.
In the speechless performance
music, imagery and physical movement
are tightly woven together.

The capturing images of the performance are created
using old film material as well as the newest digital techniques.
The picture that is projected in the large screens
forms on the stage its own climate,
independent of natural laws.
A climate in which cities change
shape, form and unravel,
and one can travel in time and distance in an instant.
Vanishing point is the point towards which perspective is escaping.
When something passes the vanishing point it goes out of sight,
is forgotten, dissolves, changes into something unrecognizable.
When and how does a person vanish?
Does the final disappearing happen
when no one recognizes your photograph anymore,
or when no one remembers you anymore?
What if you don’t remember yourself anymore?
If you momentarily forget your own face,
if you are frightened by your face
that you have taken by surprise in the mirror?

Sometimes a person who is sunken deep in his own thoughts
stops seeing the buildings of the city surrounding him
and the street that he walks on.
He forgets where he is,
forgets even himself.
The city falls apart around him.
Until from the emptiness suddenly leaps up
a car, a lamp-post, a stone, a house or a pigeon
and everything returns to its place again.
Just as sometimes when you close the door of a cinema
or the cover of a book,
when you come back from being lost.

When a person disappears
he leaves behind marks, traces and whole cities.
When cities disappear
only sand, stones, trash, seawater, meadows and forests are left.
Thought and memory resist
time, place and senses.
Ten years can be thought through in five minutes,
and a couple of seconds recalled for years.
The disappeared leave around us,
in the minds of the remaining,
their invisible traces.
Memory and history interrupt the present
and stretch time, cut, glue together
and edit it
like it was a tape of film.
1094 Budapest
Liliom utca 41.
To see a part of it click this one:

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