A day in Vienna

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The weather was gorgeous in Vienna on Saturday!
Took the Ubahn 3 from Westbahnhof to Stephansplatz,
walked to Karlplatz

Side view of the facade of the Karlskirche
Creative design of the Karlskirche combines architectual elements from ancient Greece, ancient Rome and contemporary Viennese Baroque.
In 1713 the Black Palugue swept Vienna and Empror Charles VI made a vow if the plague left the city, he would build a church dedicated to his namesake, St. Charles Borromeo.
St Charles was a 16th-century Italian bishop famous for ministering to Milanese plague victims.
The emperor's prayer was answered, and construction on the church began in 1715. The Karlskirche was buikt on what was then the bank of River Wien and is now the southeast corner of a park complex.

Took the lift up and saw the beautiful frescos and guilded angels in the ceiling very near.

Johann Michael Rottmayr painted many of the frescos inside the church from 1725 to 1730
The baroque master Johann Bernard Fischer von Erlach did the original work from 1716 to 1722. After his desth in 1723, his son took over and saw the project through to completion in 1737.

The New Museum of Karlskirche

The small museum was interesting and really nicely made in the old bell tower
Jugenstil Pavillongs at Karlsplatz tube station
- design by Otto Wagner in 1899
- sunflower patterns

Topiaries at Maria-Theresien Platz

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