Tap water

Friday, October 3, 2008

Some weeks ago bought a Brita jug.

Actually a friend from London recommended it.

It is much more ecological to use tap water than buy bottled ones, and the life is much easier without carrying home a six-bag every second day.

As the water in Budapest is drinkable and the taste is not bad why not buy a jug with filter to get rid of unwanted minerals and what so ever.

Bought mine in Media Markt at Westend.
The jug has a digital panel to show when it's time to change the filter cartridge.
Got this sign yesterday. Had bought a box of 4 filter cartridges at the same time with the jug.
Noticed today that they don't fit.
Went to Media Markt to buy the right ones. Found out they don't have them! Haven't had at least for a month.
No calls for the other Media Markt stores to find out if they have the right cartridges.
Maybe coming next week.
So that's the real service?
Anyway, won't give up drinking tap water!

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