Saturday, October 18, 2008

Have tried to be on really low calory diet for the whole week- and succeed in it.
But on weekends it is a different story...

Dinner at home on Friday
Broccoli soup - without cream
Chataubriand with green salad

And a glass or so of Chablis 2006
Dinner at home on Saturday
A Glass of Varichon & Cleac Privilége Blanc de Blanc
- excellent
Crayfish cocktail
with a glass of Chablis 2006

Chataubriand with gratinated Roquefort

sauted garden peas
with a glass of Robert Skall Syrah 2005
- extreamely soft - good choice!
Did some shopping at Bestsellers
1051 Bp, Október 6 utca 11.
Bought a book called " The World's Best Restaurants"
- interesting -
and some British interior magazines.
Went also to Ikea and Culinaris and found some things at both places...

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