Malta Day 4

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day started again with a session in gym: walking up hills and running. Stretching.
Swimming in the outdoor pool.

After breakfast walked in Valletta to see the old town. Started to walk along Republic Street, the pedestrian shopping street, to Fort St Elmo. Saw Siege Bell, visited to Lower and Upper Barrakka Gardens. Went also down to the Waterfront next to the harbour with giant cruise liners.

City gate to Valletta

Republic Street. Picture taken on the ruins of the old Opera House

Republic Street with its shops

Covered wooden balconies

Refreshing Maltese non-alcoholic drink made from bitter oranges & aromatic herbs - interesting, quite sweet

Instead of walking could have used "Karrozzin"

View to the Grand Harbour

Beautifully kept Lower Barrakka Garden

Orchids growing in the trees of Barrakka Garden

View to the sea from Lower Barrakka Garden

Siege Bell

Nice houses by the Great Harbour

Upper Barrakka Garden
- more touristic than the Lower one

Upper Barrakka Garden
Wanted to have lunch at Da Pippo, but it was fully booked.
Lunch at La Vita de La Valette
Vault 18, Vallette Waterfront, Pinto Wharf, Valletta
Mozzarella de Bufala, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad & Bresola
Pasta Gamberetti
Glass of local white wine
€26,89 for 2 persons

- delicious, but too huge portions

Lunch next to a Norwegian Cruise Liner at Waterfront

Old town walls
Spend some time reading at the hotel beach. Swimming, of course.

Aroma Luxe back massage
- relaxing treatment that frees the body from stress replacing it with sooting calm
- the massage area was the same room as the leg massage a day before. Nice spacious room. Relaxing bird singing as a backround music.
- same therapist, Gabriella, made the back massage and leg massage. Very professional.
30mins €45

Dinner at hotel's Admiral's Landing Restaurant
"Indian Feast"
- gorgeous buffet - one of the best ever

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