Pori 450 years

Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Jubilee Concert for Pori 450 years
At Arena open-air stage
Starting at 6pm

Performing Pori Sinfonetta with numerous artists somehow connected to Pori
i.g. originally from Pori

All were quite good on their own department.

One of the best ones was Jorma Uotinen who sang a song in French with his fabulous movements and another one in Finnish - he is a great artist!

Danny with his showgirls was such a positive surprise. He is a professional!

Nuoret vihaiset miehet gave the needed energy on stage with Patasydan sykkii - a song originally made for the ice hockey team Porin Ässät. It is a team with full of surprises: just when you think they won`t have a great season, they are playing in the finals and vice versa as well. Last season they won - at least one match, probably...

Have to mention that Neumann was a bit crap. Acting like a... well, not a natural at all. The version of Autiotalo was the worst ever heard.

The President of Finland Tarja Halonen arrived with her husband almost like any other couple after a few performances. She doesn`t need big ceremonies, no wonder people like her so much.

App. 40.000 spectators enjoyed the concert in a lovely sunny evening.

Beauty treatments
Hairdresser Fanletti, Isokarhu, Pori

- Went there for the roots, but Johanna and Reijo found out that bleaching the roots was not needed! Instead of colouring, toning would be enough to soften the roots and give the whole hair fresher, brighter and healthy shine. Nutrishing toning is much more gentle for the hair. The result was perfect! Very happy!

- Price including cutting the dry ends 117 eur

Running 5km in the forest of Isomäki along a special made track.
Raining a bit but not disturbingly
Lovely fresh air!

By the way Dad won Senior Jazz Open and his handicap dropped from 14,2 to 12,4 - big applodes!

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