Monday, July 14, 2008

Donatellas's Kitchen

Saturday Dinner at Donatellas's

Zucchini flower filled with ricotta cheese
Grilled king prawns with diced vegetables and eggplant puré

Donatella's creme caramel

Riesling (cannot remember the name), Heiman merlot

Delicious food!
A minus comes however, because one of us ordered the steak as medium, but it came well-done. After sending it back to the kitchen, it came rare and without the different salts that were on the menu.
It is a bit weird that the chef cannot do a medium steak in this kind of upscale restaurant.

A funny thing was that when ordered Bellinis for aperatives, the answer was that it is not a peach season but a strawberry season! In the middle of July in Hungary???

The interior is fabulous! Been there once before for a pizza. Like the place despite some minor

Sunday walk to Művész

Portion of lemon ice cream

Bar of the renovated Művézs

Saw a gorgeous tree or actually a bush. Looked like Mangolia but couldn`t be in this time of the year. No idea what it was.
The beautyful flower of a bush in the front garden of Koga Gallery and restaurant on Andrassy ut.

Sunday dinner at homeAnchovy salad
Crayfish whole grain spaghetti

Figula pinot gris Balatonszőlősi 2006

Nice to eat at home for a long time!

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