Sunday, May 24, 2015

Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe

The season has changed already long ago, but my closet is still full of winter pieces... Perhaps it's better to sit down, have a cup of coffee and make a plan. A while ago I bought the Finnish version of Elika Gibbs' book Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe (Unelmien vaatehuone). She's a real organizational whizz and wardrobe expert. Kate Moss has said: "Elika is a practical genious..."

Some practical tips to start with:
Go trough your wardrobe and make six piles
  • for everyday use
  • the precious ones
  • "maybe" pile
  • no-nos
  • needs washing, ironing, repairing
  • for another season
When your clothes are hung and organized you are able to see, at a glance, what you have, and crucially don't have. 

Get rid of a piece, if
  • the details of it are not your style
  • it doesn't fit to your body shape
  • the colour is unflattering for your complex or hair colour
  • it just doesn't feel right
Save it, if
  • it's a classic and made of good material
  • it fits to you perfectly
  • the colour is right for you
  • the shape and material are currently in fashion

The more organized one is, the easier one's life becomes!

This is just something to start with. I will definitely come back to this book asap!

ps. there's no coffee in my cup - it's chaga mushroom drink...


  1. Ja minä niin tarvitsen tuon kirjan - vaikka vaatekaappien karsiminen onkin alkanut, tuntuu urakka edelleenkin mahdottomalta;)

    1. Älä muuta sano - tuntuu, että aina vaan löytyy kaapin perältä vaikka mitä...


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