On The Road Again...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

 Had one full day at home in Budapest...This morning it was time to go to the airport again to catch Lufthansa flight via Munich to Helsinki.
Found something at the Munich Airport...
(was looking for it already in Paris but no luck.)

Had something to eat...
 Toast Skagen
 Reindeer Burger

Tomorrow morning I have a flight to Rovaniemi, but before that I need to read Sofi Oksanen's Puhdistus (=Purge) and eat some angry candies.

From Rovaniemi I'll take a buss to Sodankylä, where the annual Midnight Sun Film Festival takes place June 12-16.
I've got already some tickets for different days including Purge on Thursday morning, the film is directed by Antti Jokinen. 


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    1. Kiitos, Mipsukka! Tuli vähän taukoa ennenkuin pystyin taas bloggailemaan.


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