Nothing Special But Unique

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

 Received this package by post from Amsterdam the other day.

 There's a bag inside!
 And it's a golden one!
 Thanks to Vosgesparis blog! 
Found out there that it's possible to mail-order
a Maybebag tote by Dutch Orphan Socks.

Thank you, Eva, from !

Maybe you'll need it to carry more than planned.
Maybe it'll be with you all the time, but you won't even notice.
Maybe you'll want to reserve it to match your outfit.
Maybe it'll look a million dollars on a Friday night.
Maybe it'll be full of sand from your last holiday.
Maybe all your friends will want one too.

 Would this be a perfect place for Maybebag?
Or hanging on the handle of the front door?

Main thing is do not leave it at home!


  1. Love your bag!
    Yes simply Scandinavian is an online shop you can get there by following the link in my post xx


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