A Lobster

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

 A lobster.
 A pig.
 A mug and glass ware.

These are details of Mate Orr's paintings
now showing in Ari Kupsus Gallery.

The paintings look so much better in real
than in these photos, sorry!
 The black is very intense and interesting colour.
 The transparent "table cloth" is also extremely interesting.
 And so is the golden one as well!
 The "floor" pattern gives the old master style
still life paintings a totally new aspect.
 The paintings are in the real sizes.
 The red-blue floor gives a strong movement to the painting.
 The transparency is so fascinating.  
 This painting is actually very small one.
 The artist got the idea of the floor patterns 
during his visits to Florence and Sienna.
 Personally find the old master style still life 
paintings more interesting than this.
Perhaps this large painting is too strong?
 Mate Orr studied graphics before he started painting.

By the way, Mate and his girlfriend Viki 
popped in to Ari's Gallery
while talking about his paintings there 
with Ari and my friend Christa,
who also happens to be an artist.

Mate Orr is a very skillful symphatic young Hungarian artist. 

Ari Kupsus Gallery
VIII Budapest, Brody Sandor utca 23/b

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