A Week In Finland

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring time in Helsinki - not!

. The flowers're in a flower shop on Bulevardi .
This is how it really looks in Helsinki

- dirty snow everywhere


The pedestrian street is not slippery at all

in the front of Stockmann's

- "Grazy Days" at Stocka's,

meaning time to make great bargains!


Finnish food:

Carelian pies

- only Finns like these,

never met a foreigner who has asked for another one...


"Raejuusto" quark cheese

- fantastic!


Cupcake is not very Finnish,

but had to have one as it looked so delicious,

and it was too.

- but the "Berlin donough" is very Finnish and so good - well, once a year...

- Tupla chocolate is a classic!


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