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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Went to the opening of
Finnish sculptor Yrjö Liipola (1881-1971)
painter Johanna Oras (1970-)
at Ari Kupsus Gallery
on Wednesday
At the opening Johanna was telling how she is fascinated by the light
Cagnes-sur-Mer in France where is her present home & atelier
Seen before some of Johannas's works in Finland
during Pori Jazz Festival
- not only famous Finnish icons like
Marimekko & Alvar Aalto
are represented in her works
but also Louis Vuitton!
Newcomer 2008:
The prize awarded by Federation Nationale de la Culture Francaise
for the work The Fantasy of Louis Vuitton

"The work, which manages reality with ease
and disciplined composition,
is well arranged on the canvas.
The artist brings forth several elements,
whose refined copies on the canvas are faithful to realism.
The drawing is mastered,
the palette elegant (self-evident cf. the theme)
and balanced.
The light effects, the perspective
and the transparency of the glasses
make the work a masterfully controlled creation.
The touch of the brush is calm and yet vivacious.
Congratulations on this stylish exercise
that shows respect to the recognized brand with finesse,
almost hyperrealism.
The artist deserves the attention of us all...
Let us follow her with interest."

All the documents presenting Yrjö Liipola's life
were from Maria Nemeth's graduation work
The sculptor, Professor Yrjö Liipola (1881-1971)
- was born in Koski in the province of Turku
- studied drawing and sculpture in the Drawing School of Turku
Art Association during the years 1899-1901
- made a study trip to Florence and Rome
- in February 1904 Liipola moved to Hungary,
from where he did not return to his native country
until 30 years later with
his Hungarian spouse Mara nee de Foerster
By the way, congratulations to Ari!
- the ambassador revealed that Ari will receive
the Lion medal from the President of Finland
Tarja Halonen
for his cultural merits between Hungary & Finland
Great work, Ari!

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