Open Day

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christa had an open day at her studio
- went there with Ari by tram 47,
first had to wait for the tram for 20mins,
then the drive took 40mins...
still some walking left
and it was freezing cold
- but anyway nice atmosphere there in the studio,
wine & pogacas
Christa's studio is in a fantastic old factory building,
spacious & light,
very nicely renovated
- there were not so many new paintings of hers,
actually seen them all before
A nice little dogy there...
Before visiting Christa popped into
Nadia's studio to see her newest paintings
and fell in love with this small one
- like a piece of jewellery!
with a hint of Jugenstil or Secession

By the way, Ari is having some works of art
by Johanna Oras in his gallery
- the opening will be on Wednesday

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