Thursday, July 1, 2010

Detail of a Jugendstil building
on Fabianinkatu
Same gorgeous building with another detail:
frog supporting a pilar!
- jugendstil is absolutely one of
my favourite architectural styles
Jugendstil is the Art Nouveau style
of Germany, the Netherlands,
the Baltic States and Nordic Countries

The entrance to Cafe Aschan
on Pohjoisesplanadi 19
- very typical Jugendstil
.Esplanadi Park
- very crowded on warm sunny days
.Market Square
- fishermen arrive to sell their products
Market Square & Uspenski Cathedral
on the backround
Uspenski Cathedral was built in the
Russian Byzantine style in 1862-1868,
and is the biggest Orthodox church in western Europe.
It was designed by Aleksei Gornostajev,
and was styled after an old church
built in the 16th century near Moscow in Russia.
The bricks were brought from Bomarsund fortress in Åland
which had been destroyed during the Crimean War in 1854.
The dome is held by four monolithic granite pillars.
Altogether, the cathedral has 13 golden onions
which represent the number of the Christ and the Apostles.
Finnish vegetables
.The marvellous piece of art by
world-famous Alvar Aalto:
1959 – 1962: Enso-Gutzeit Headquarters
- not the most-loved building in Helsinki!
. Snack time at Copas y Tapas
Pohjoisesplanadi 19
.Piggy Banks at My O My
- as having already 2 pets,
skipped buying any of these cute piggies

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