Paradise Island

Monday, January 18, 2010

Big shells $10
Small ones $5
Took the ferry boat from
Nassau to Paradise Island ($6 return)
on Saturday
Ferry to Paradise Island
(use to be Hog Island)
Our guide Theo
on board
Half of the island is not open for public
- it’s the place where rich & famous, like
Mick Jagger, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise etc, have their holiday houses.
There’re no roads there so one must have boat to access there.
Atlantis on Paradise Island
Michael Jackson had a suite here
-$25.000/night, minimum stay 4 nights regarded
At yhe harbour of Paradise Island
- somebody had thrown a plastic bottle to the sea
& somebody had to go and pick it up
- no littering in Bahamas!
Walked trough the Atlantis to Cabbage Beach
Lots of small shops
Huge private boats
A shopping mall inside the Atlantis
Cabbage Beach
at the end of the Atlantis area
Stayed there for sun bathing for some time
On the way back walked through Atlantis again
- there's not only a shopping mall,
but Aqvarium & a huge casino as well
- everything very Las Vegas-style!
- nice to see once,
but not for staying there a week or so
Had a snack, but didn't feed the birds
Once again big boats there
Outside shopping area
- touristic stuff
Waiting for the ferry back to Nassau port
- last ferry goes at 6pm
Back in Nassau around 6pm
and ready for dinner
- very nice day!

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