Historical Sites

Thursday, January 21, 2010

On Monday visited some historical sites
As entering the gorge leading to Queen's Staircase,
got a good briefing of local history
by a local young man
- all the guides in Nassau are telling that they work for free
but would be happy for some tips...
- anyway he was good and got an interesting story of Bahamian history

Queen's Staircase
- 66 steps leading to Fort Fincastle were cut
into the limestone hill and bricked up by slaves
- today 65 steps remain
- beautiful site
Water Tower
- built in 1928 as a water-supply reservoir
- it was closed now,
asked the ladies outside when would it be open:
"it's been closed at least for 5 years"
Lord Dunmore
- not so nice man in Bahamas history
. View from Fort Fincastle
next the water tower

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