Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Il Bacio di Stile Closing Down

Sad news - Il Bacio di Stile in Budapest is closing down tomorrow!  It's sad because it's such a beautifully renovated building, and the  variety of brands there has been absolutely amazing, more than 40 luxury brands.

There simply wasn't enough paying customers, which is actually nt a surprise as there are not so many millioners in Hungary and tourists are not really coming here for luxury shopping nor do expats have that plenty of money that they could shop there on regular basis.

This luxury palace of fashion was opened on Andrassy ut in September 2013. The building was commissioned by Zsigmond Bruhl between 1880-1881. The apartment building stayed emptu for a couple of years and was declared as a historical monument.  

End of an era.

Here more pics of this beautiful store and here of its famous window displays! 




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