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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

 Went to Etyek for swimming - not!
- this is from Haraszthy Vallejo Winery,
beautiful place

 Entrance to the Haraszthy Vallejo Winery
- it's not yet the harvest season
and most of the wineries are still closed for the public
but got a nice tour here!
- the owners of the winery are from
Switzerland and Argentina
- they also have vinyards in Argentina and California

"Etyek is the vineyard of Budapest".
This slogan seems to have it renaissance.
The region is situated 30-40 minutes away from the centre of Budapest.
The region’s wine history dates back to hundreds of years.
 In those days all the families had their own vineyard and cellar too.
The main market for their wines was Budapest.

Wine tasting place
Most of the region’s wines are white,
fresh and fruity with vivid acidity.

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,
Pinot Gris, Irsai Olivér, Királyelányka, Zenit
are the typical white varieties of the region.

Pinot Noir is perhaps the only red variety
that suits this region and
can really express the Etyek terroir.

 Wine cellar
 Pinot Noir

 Funny detail:
a giant cork crew as the door opener

 At Etyeki Kuria had wine tasting
 Etyeki Kuria

Kuria White 2010
kiralyleanyka, szurkebarat
- very light, fruity
Kuria Rose 2010
cabernet franc
- light, aromatic

Kuria Red 2008
pinot noir, zweigelt
- quite rich, smokey
 Signs to the winery on the Etyek main road

As the restaurants in Etyek were closed,
drove back to Budapest
and had lunch at Nancsi neni
- traditional Hungarian restaurant
with nice terrace
and excellent Hungarian food

Nancsi neni vendeglö
1029 Budapest
Ördögarok utca 80

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