Monday, March 21, 2011

On the way to Shark Valley in Everglades
Better be careful!
The first alligator that saw
was already before the parking lot...
Made a 2-hour-tour by tram
- there's a 15mile paved road
- it can be walked, cycled or by this tram
By the way the tram tour was a bit too long...
not so much to see,
1/2 hour would've been enough
Alligator having its nap
This is the dry season
so there's not much water
nor mosquitos
These trees are very old
and not going to grow any taller
as there's not much nutrition on the grounds
Observation tower on the half way of the tour
Alligator at its best:
doing absolutely nothing
'Gator holes (not this one)
are made by alligators hollowing
out ponds and depressions
during the dry season
to reach water below
Alligator pond
Everglades is not really a swamp
but a vast sheet river system
that moves sloely across a flat bed
of peat-covered limestone
The way back was rather straight
On the way back saw some birds
unfortunately cannot remember
the name of this one...
...not that one...
See you later!
Naked trees in Everglades
- probably burnt,
looks really weird
Didn't stop in Miccosukee Indian Village
for an alligator steak
instead stopped for late lunch/early dinner
somewhere in Little Havana
at this Cuban restaurant
Appetizer plate for 4 persons
- cheese, plantain, chicken,
beef & pork
- good!
Grilled breast of chicken with "mariquitos"
- nice simple food,
friendly service

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