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Monday, April 19, 2010

Finnish pianist Laura Mikkola was supposed to
give a piano matiné at
Béla Bartok Memorial House
on Sunday at 11am
but due to the volcanic eruption
her flight was cancelled
Instead of Laura Mikkola
2 Hungarian music students performed there
- at first was quite dissapointed,
but at the end was happy for this urgent change
in the program!
As the 14-year-old students started to play,
wouldn't have ever thought they were
just students
- absolutely excellent concert!
Vida Mónika Ruth & Szokolay Ádám Zsolt
played Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Bartók
- for sure they both will be big stars in the future!
- both are in SOS Talent Foundation program
The entrance to Béla Bartók Memorial House
Csalán utca 29.
1025 Budapest

Heard that there will be a bus from Budapest
to Tallinn, Estonia
on Sunday afternoon at 5pm
organized by Finns
- not really interested in it
but somehow the 2 Grandma Sisters heard it too...
So off they go!
- the bus will drive about 26-28hours
to Tallinn where to take a ferry to Helsinki
- the bus was full of Finnish tourists wanting to go back home

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