Opening of an Art Exhibition

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Got an invitation for the opening of an art exhibition
of Bartesch-Ghyczy-Lunden-Török-Wellisch Tehel
at Vízivárosi Galéria
- nice small gallery
The artists:
Christa Bartesch
Ghyczy Dénes
Anna Lunden
Török Judit
Wellisch Tehel Judit
A choir singing a cappella in German, Italian, Swedish and Hungarian
- good idea!
On the background paintings by Ghyczy Dénes and Anna Lunden
It's a pity that didn't get a photo of
Anna Lunden's fantastic "Thunderstorm"!

Paintings by Christa Bartesch and Török Judit
Have always liked a lot of Christa's paintings
- beautiful colour combinations, very shooting to watch

Török Judit - Talking Faces
- interesting collaches
Török Judit - Talking Faces
Vízivárosi Galéria
Kapás utca 55.
1027 Bp
- this exhibition is untill 10th June

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