A Day at Heathrow

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Morning started with breakfast at Gordon Ramsey's:
Smoked-salmon with scramble eggs
- salmon was a bit too salty
Fruit salad
Orange juice, water, tea
Time for grazy shopping!
It always happens if you are tired
and have to wait several hours for the connecting flight.
Later it's a big surprise at home to find out
all the things that have been bought.
Actually this time it didn't happen,
bought a new mobile phone from Nokia shop
- didn't plan to, though
some cosmetics by Chanel
like cream for the eye area
- wanted to buy also a gel for the eye area,
but the sales assistant didn't sell it!
Said that it would be waiste of money,
gel wouldn't help in my case...
Found really nice things by Missoni
- didn't buy!
Almost bought a pair of sunglasses by Prada,
luckily noticed that already had similar ones...
That's what meant by saying "grazy shopping".
Slept app. 1h on a bench.
Actually there's no place to rest at terminal 5,
every seat has armrests,
so you can't really lay down.
Flight to Budapest was on time.
Slept the whole flight.
At Ferihegy 2 there were infra cameras
to check the entering passangers,
and the officials at passport controll
had masks to protect against swine flu.
Really careful out there!

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